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Ifa and Nadep are port operators in the Port of Ravenna.

Nadep is a  port terminal located on the right hand side of the Candiano canal. It was founded in 1976, a period in which some entrepreneurs began to believe in the potentials of the Port of Ravenna.
Following the development of Nadep, in 1996 the business expanded  by investing in Ifa,  a terminal situated on the left side of the canal.

Cargo ships dock at Ifa and Nadep berthes where, thanks to eight mobile cranes available, they can load or unload a wide range of products. Goods are then stored in wharehouses or service areas behind the docks, before being delivered by truck and/or railway carriages.

In addition to loading, unloading and storage activities, Nadep and Ifa carry out a range of ancillary operations such as bagging, grinding, mixing, necessary  to process different goods. The company is specialised in handling cereals, flours, raw materials for the ceramic and glass industry, fertilizers, ferrous metals, timber and salt.

We are also forwarding agents and tax warehouse with an authorization for 'C type' bonded warehouse and temporary storage facility, we are allowed to handle and store goods as tax warehouse with VAT deferment.

Nadep and Ifa policy has always been to ensure the quality of services aiming at customers satisfaction and meeting  their needs. Particular attention is paid to the compliance with laws on staff health and safety, that’s why we were certified OHSAS 18001.

Our operating structures are constantly renewed and organised with the latest equipments, moreover our business is made of competent technicians and skilled operators always available. This allows Nadep and Ifa to provide our clients with added value, which makes us competitive and set us apart on the market.

P.I. e C.F. : 00358320398

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